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Key Benefits
Key benefits to organisations of joining the Shark Alliance

The key benefits that belonging to the Shark Alliance can bring to your organisation:

  • Being part of a high caliber group of NGOs, professionals and volunteers who are working together to achieve a common objective.
  • Having access to specialists of a number of functions (science, policy, communications, public relations, campaign strategy and coordination) dedicated to shark conservation and management.
  • Having access to additional capacity to strengthen your own organisation’s profile and influence.

The key contribution the Shark Alliance would ask of you:

  • Support for the Shark Alliance’s mission and statement of purpose;
  • Compliance with the communications guidelines;
  • At minimum, signing up to specific publications, policy requests and calls for action;
  • Not putting out policy requests and calls for action contradictory to the Shark Alliance’s mission or causing confusion regarding its direction;
  • Ideally, contributing to our effort with staff time, materials and activities.